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Wiktenauer Update – Mair Grappling

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The Wiktenauer now has a translation of Mair's grappling material, both the illustrated material and the text-only section on Zwerchringen, by Per Magnus Haaland. Mair's illustrated material is based on Fabian von Auerswald with other odd bits thrown in, and contains a lot of interesting iterations of Auerswald's sparse descriptions. Go check it out! http://wiktenauer.com/wiki/Paulus_Hector_Mair

Wiktenauer Update – New Liechtenauer translations

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The Wiktenauer staff has an exciting announcement: In case you missed it, Wiktenauer now hosts translations of the holy trinity of 15th century Liechtenauer treatises: pseudo-Hans Döbringer by Thomas Stoeppler, Sigmund ain Ringeck by Keith Farrell, and pseudo-Peter von Danzig by Cory Winslow. We also have an excellent translation of Liechtenauer's verse itself by Christian [...]

Wiktenauer Update – Johannes Lecküchner

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The Wiktenauer now has an updated section on Lecküchner. According to the Wiktenauer, Johannes Lecküchner (or Hans Lebkommer; ca. 1430s – 1482) was a 15th century German cleric and fencing master. He was born in the Nuremberg area, and in 1455 he was inscribed at the University of Leipzig. In 1457, he received the title [...]