Governing Council

The Governing Council (GC), chaired by the President of HEMAA, manages daily business and sets those policies not defined in the Bylaws.


The Governing Council is available to respond to questions and suggestions, and will also attempt to entertain non-sequiturs while our strength holds.

The general email for the GC is
Individual Councilors may be contacted at the addresses below:

Governing Councilors

Keith Cotter-Reily
Atlanta Freifechter Guild

Myles Cupp
Kron Martial Arts

Dakao Do
Schwert am Schwert – Houston

Ben Floyd
Krieg School of Historical Swordsmanship

John Harmston
True Edge Academy of Swordsmanship

Richard Marsden
Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship

RJ McKeehan
Kron Martial Arts