Wiktenauer fundraiser!

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aa2Image: ZBS Cod. S. 554, f 27r. Digitized in March 2014.


The 2015 Wiktenauer Fundraiser is live! Help us raise money to cover our server costs and purchase new manual scans. Two days in and we’ve just passed our funding total from last year, and reached our fifth stretch goal (of ten). There are still five more manuscripts that we want to digitize in the coming year and release into the wild, and plenty of awesome perks for the claiming, so keep the donations coming!
This year we’re partnering with Indiegogo to give you more payment options and help us coordinate our efforts. You can read details of our campaign here:


HEMA in the news

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A Death in the Family

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Jason Taylor died of cancer on 10/07/2014. He was a cofounder of the HEMA Alliance, and of his club, Kron Martial Arts. As a professor of writing he was always making jokes about the horrors of the stacks of student papers he was forced to read, but in his teaching he was consistently patient and nurturing. His support will be missed by his colleagues and students both in English and in HEMA. Jason is survived by his loving wife, Heather Whitney.

Jason’s martial arts teaching included Kunst Des Fechtens, Lai Chung Ch’uan Fa Kung Fu, and a women’s self defense curriculum that he developed with Patrick Vee. He is also known in the HEMA community as one of the first translators and researchers of Mair’s peasant sickle, and he was one of the main architects of the HEMA Alliance Instructor Certification rubric. It was important to Jason that his HEMA club be a good environment where people could practice treating each other well as they practiced martial arts. As a result, Kron today is the largest club in the HEMA Alliance, and a happy home to both “hard core” fighters and more casual hobbyists who like to learn about swords and enjoy the feeling of being in a good club. Jason’s legacy will always be part of Kron and the HEMA Alliance.

New York Times Coverage

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Longpoint, a HEMA Alliance “Supported Event”, was recently featured in the NY Times. The video is a short editorial about what makes HEMA, HEMA.

The full writeup is here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/16/sports/for-longsword-a-comeback-ages-in-the-making.html?ref=sports&_r=0

Paladin Press discount code

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Paladin Press is celebrating their 44th year is business. To properly celebrate, they are giving 44% off all goods from their site. Here’s the HEMA section:


The code is “paladin44″. Deal ends on the 25th.

Presidential Address 2014

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presGreetings HEMA Alliance members and the rest of the historical martial arts community. The most recent election cycle has ended, and I have been elected President. We’ve just officially handed over the reins from last year’s crew during the GC’s meeting tonight, and all of your newly elected GC members were in attendance.

My plans for the future of the organization are simple and will improve our community. Our previous Tyrant, now deposed, and I shared the vision to improve the nuts and bolts of the organization. I’m happy to report we’ve made strides in that direction, though there is plenty more to still be done. This will be one of my primary drives moving forward.

The Governing Council this year has a lot of new blood in it. With fresh motivation and new ideas, this should be an exciting year for all of us. I’ll be tapping into this talent pool, and the community will reap the benefits. For the guys not returning this year, I’d like to thank you for your volunteerism. On volunteerism, the GC this year will be organizing into action groups according to the additional duty they are performing on the GC. The GC members will head these action groups towards goals associated with that committee. The committees are as follows: Budget Committee (Keith Cotter-Reily), Events Committee (John Harmston), General Committee (Richard Marsden), Membership Committee (Dakao Do), Public Relations Committee (Myles Cupp), Web Committee (RJ McKeehan). How does this affect you as someone in the Historical European Martial Arts community? Each committee head will be asking for volunteers, which means you, to help accomplish the goals of the HEMA Alliance. If you’ve wanted to get involved, this is your year.

We now have an operational Curriculum Council, and you guys are starting to get certified. This is a great development within our community. At our meeting tonight, the GC ratified our current CC director will continue to be El Tigre Mike Edelson. He’s looking to continue onwards by building a CC website, and we have a few more ideas in the works. So, be on the lookout!

Last, and most definitely not least, I have news from the IRS. As many of you may have heard previously, we had problems with our non-profit status through some paperwork drudgery last year. . However, the IRS has given word, coincidentally on the downfall of the HEMA Alliance’s despotic leader and installment of its new council, our 501(c)3 non-profit status as an organization was retroactively restored, as of August 1st, resulting in no gap in status.

Swords or death,

Ben Floyd
HEMA Alliance President