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The HEMA Alliance elections have started!

Check the email associated with your membership and vote!


Wiktenauer Update – Paulus Kal

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Paulus Kal

The Paulus Kal page has now been updated with six versions of his treatise. Corrections have been made and content added, including three different attestations of the Society of Liechtenauer. The Munich version is being used to fill in the gaps in the Solothurn. Check it out!

Wiktenauer Update – Mair Grappling

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Paulus Hector MairThe Wiktenauer now has a translation of Mair’s grappling material, both the illustrated material and the text-only section on Zwerchringen, by Per Magnus Haaland. Mair’s illustrated material is based on Fabian von Auerswald with other odd bits thrown in, and contains a lot of interesting iterations of Auerswald’s sparse descriptions. Go check it out! http://wiktenauer.com/wiki/Paulus_Hector_Mair

Continuing Web-Overhaul

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The HEMA Alliance site will be an open worksite through the first quarter of 2014 as we continue to add new features and better organize content.  While under reconstruction, most of the content and links should be available and functional most of the time.


Call for Web-Volunteers

– Content Editors and Scouts
– Web Designers
– Web Programmers — WordPress, CSS, PHP
– Artists and Graphic Designers

email admin@hemaalliance.com

If you have the technical skills, you know who you are.  If you are wondering whether your ability to write a coherent sentence in English qualifies you as an “Editor”, it does.  If you are wondering if having an extensive set of HEMA-related bookmarks qualifies you as a “Content Scout”, it does.  If you are wondering if volunteering for the HEMA Alliance will bring you to new heights of nebulous networking benefits and social regard, it will!



Wiktenauer Update – New Liechtenauer translations

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The Grand Master
The Wiktenauer staff has an exciting announcement:

In case you missed it, Wiktenauer now hosts translations of the holy trinity of 15th century Liechtenauer treatises: pseudo-Hans Döbringer by Thomas Stoeppler, Sigmund ain Ringeck by Keith Farrell, and pseudo-Peter von Danzig by Cory Winslow. We also have an excellent translation of Liechtenauer’s verse itself by Christian Tobler.

We hope everyone’s taking advantage of these extraordinary resources, and our next step will be to take these resources and piece together a side-by-side view of each play. But don’t look for that very soon, I have a lot of projects in the queue ahead of it.


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leeLee Smith of Blood and Iron


Hello, Your President greets you.

I am pleased to announce that Lee Smith has agreed to be the Director of the Curriculum Council during my term of office. Lee Smith was instrumental in seeing the long awaited Certification Program implemented and managed. There is more work to be done, but thanks to him, we are progressing swiftly and hope to have a fully operational Certification Program in the 2013-2014 term. Other plans of the Curriculum Council include tackling the issue of judging, something our members, especially event-planners, have repeatedly requested. The CC hears you! Lee Smith is the founder of Blood and Iron, a brick and mortar, for-profit, Historical Martial Arts studio. In short- he’s living the dream. Lee teaches, trains, and competes for a living. He thrives off personal excellence, and the excellence of his students. I’ve come to know Lee well in the last year, and I can say with certainty, that one of his greatest joys is in seeing others improve before his eyes. He has put all of his energy into his role as Curriculum Director, and is a firm believer that the projects the Curriculum Council works diligently upon will improve the abilities of our members by either setting goals for them to achieve, or by providing beneficial instruction. I look with great interest toward what the Curriculum Council provides us as a community!

       leeeeLee Smith and Richard Marsden discuss future plans while sparring